Wizards Tea Overnight Stays

As we’ve revealed, during 2017, we’ll be serving Harry Potter inspired Wizard’s Tea.

At Llety Cynin, some of us a real potter-heads and have really enjoyed reading the books, watching the films and now, recreating our version of Hogwarts’ famous flavours. We were shocked to realise that 2017 is the 20th anniversary of J.K Rowlings’ first journey into the Wizarding world. The Philosophers’ stone was published in 1997. It’s also the 10th anniversary of the Deathly Hallows’ publication.

To celebrate, we’ve combined two of our favourite things. Afternoon tea & Harry Potter. We’ve created an adults menu and a childrens menu.

We know that many of you aren’t local. We’ve created an overnight package, to include a free book  for each child.

2017 is set to be a great year. We are fully booked for many weekends already, so here’s a list of available weekends to help you plan your perfect break. To book, you can contact us by phone, email or Facebook messenger.

Overnight Weekend Availability


 January 30th – 1st Fully Booked  February 3rd – 5th Fully Booked 
  6th – 8th Limited Availability   10th – 12th Fully Booked
13th – 15th Fully Booked 17th – 19th Fully Booked
   20th – 22nd Fully Booked ***Half Term Holidays*** 19th – 24th Availability
  27th – 29th Fully Booked    24th – 26th  Fully Booked
 March 3rd – 5th Fully Booked   April  7th – 9th  Fully Booked
  10th – 12th Fully Booked  ***1st Week Of Easter*** 9th – 14th Availability
  17th – 19th Limited Availability 14th – 16th Fully Booked
24th – 26th Fully Booked ***2nd Week Of Easter*** 16th – 21st Fully Booked
   28th-30th Fully Booked    21st – 23rd  Fully Booked
 31st – 2nd Fully Booked
 May  5th – 7th Fully Booked  June  2nd – 4th Fully Booked
  12th – 14th Fully Booked    9th – 11th Fully Booked
   19th – 21st Fully Booked    16th – 18th Fully Booked
 26th – 28th Friday Night Available    23rd – 25th Fully Booked 
 ***Half Term Holidays***  29th – 1st Jun  Fuly Booked 30th – 2nd Fully Booked
July  7th – 9th Fully Booked   August   4th – 6th Fully Booked
   14th – 16th Fully Booked    11th – 13th Fully Booked
   21st – 23rd Friday Night Available    18th – 20th Limited Availability
   28th – 30th Fully Booked    25th – 27th Fully Booked
 September  1st – 3rd Fully Booked  October  6th – 8th Availability
   8th – 10th Fully Booked    13th – 15th Availability
   15th – 17th Availability    20th – 22nd Availability
   22nd – 23rd Availability ***Half Term Holidays***  23rd – 27th Fully Booked
   29th – 1st Fully Booked    28th – 29th Fully Booked
 November  3rd – 5th Availability  December  1st – 3rd Availability
   10th – 12th Availability    8th – 10th Availability
   17th – 19th Availability    15th – 17th Availability
   24th – 26th Availability    22nd – 24th Fully Booked
         29th – 31st Fully Booked


As you can see, our weekend availability for Wizards Tea is already fairly limited for the first half of the year. There are some rooms booked on the available weekends already. We don’t want to disappoint anyone who’s planning on coming so we really advise you to book sooner rather than later.


We have 8 rooms all together. Several of these can accommodate families. It’s not just families who we welcome though. If you are a couple, with a group of friends or on your own, you are more than welcome to stay. For accurate availability and pricing, please get in touch via Facebook, email or phone.Family Rooms for Wizards Tea

Mid-Week Breaks

The availability calendar above is just for the weekend overnight package. We’re going to be serving Harry Potter inspired Wizards Tea every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. During the school holidays, we will be serving 7 days a week.

If you’d like to book for a mid-week break or during the holidays, accurate information will be available direct. Give us a call on 01994 232773 or keep an eye on our Facebook.


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Wizards Tea Overnight Weekend Availability