12 healthy pre-workout breakfast ideas to improve your gym session

Watching a Fireman shovel coal into the firebox of a working steam engine approaching a hill you get a graphic demonstration of how fuel affects performance. Too little coal in the firebox, means there won’t be enough steam and the loco will struggle and strain up the hill.


In the same way, if we don’t give ourselves adequate fuel, when we work out or attend an exercise class, we’ll struggle and our time in the gym will be less enjoyable and less effective.


We asked Karen, one of Llety Cynin’s qualified nutritionist and personal trainer about eating before a workout.


“Many people skip breakfast because they are busy or they may think it’s better not to eat before working out but in fact the opposite is true. Taking in a small healthy breakfast containing protein and healthy fats, at least 45 minutes before you work out, is ideal if you want to maximise the benefits of your exercise.”


Our 50+ members like to use the Leisure Club two, three or four times a week, taking part in our wide range of fitness classes [link to classes information], doing lengths in the pool and having a sauna or steam. Advice on nutrition, instructions on use of the fitness equipment and information on classes is all part of the welcome given by our professional personal trainers. As owner Gwawr Davies says,


“We want our Leisure Club members [link to membership page] to get the most out of their membership. Information like these great breakfast ideas from Karen makes exercising and using the Leisure Club more enjoyable and beneficial for our members.”


Here are Karen’s top 10 picks for healthy breakfasts including vegetarian breakfasts, gluten-free breakfasts and low carb breakfasts.



 Karen’s Healthy pre-workout breakfast ideas
 1OMELETTE with mushrooms, and feta or Halloumi cheese
2PORRIDGE made rolled oats semi -skimmed milk, natural yoghurt, seeds & fruit
3PORRIDGE made with rolled oats, water or almond drink, seeds & fruit
4SCRAMBLED EGGS on wholemeal toast
5GRANOLA (unsweetened) with natural yoghurt & fruit
8SMOOTHIE E.g. ½ a peeled frozen banana, 45g baby English spinach leaves, 1tsp tahini, 1tbsp raw cacao nibs (or unsweetened chocolate or raw cacao powder) 250ml almond milk, Handful of ice (optional)
9PANCAKES with crème fraîche and berries

HUMMUS with vegetable sticks like carrot, celery, red peppers


11CARMARTHENSHIRE HAM with honeydew melon
12KIPPERS lightly grilled with butter

Just as the fireman sees the hard working loco has plenty of fuel when it approaches a steep climb, do your body a favour and give it some healthy fuel before your work-out. Try it and see for yourself what difference it makes.


No time or don’t like making breakfast?


Once you realise how much a pre-workout healthy breakfast improves your experience of exercising, then you can look to making it easy to include breakfast. 

Here’s 5 ways to help you get a healthy breakfast into your routine:


  1. Choose a breakfast that appeals to you and if you’re not used to eating breakfast, begin with a small amount.
  2. Come to Llety Cynin a little earlier and enjoy healthy breakfast, freshly prepared and served in our comfortable lounge/cafe.
  3. Get started by choosing readymade smoothies, granola pot or hummus pot with veg sticks from your local food store which you can eat on the go.
  4. Add ingredients for healthy breakfasts to your weekly shop so you have them ready on days you work out.
  5. Keep it varied. It’s easy to lose interest if we have the same food day in day out.

What are your favourite pre-workout breakfasts? 


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