Reinforcements Added!

Reinforcements¬†Added The building work has progressed rapidly recently. The steel reinforcements have been added to support the huge roof trusses when they arrive. These are currently being built by Melingoed. Due to the size of the roof trusses, the company’s work benches have to be extended before the construction starts. While we wait for these

Ground Floor Space

Ground Floor Space The ground floor space is really taking shape! We’re able to walk around the corridors, changing rooms, gym and spa rooms and really feel it’s size! Several discussions have been had about the layout so far. The gym door had to move otherwise the treadmills would be in front of it! The

First Aid Course

First Aid Course Monday 21st Of November 9:30am – 4:30pm This first aid course will cover all aspects of emergency first aid at work. The course is a one-day course. If you are interested in a longer course, please let us know. You’ll learn enough to be able to prolong life until help arrives. The