Beer Yoga on international beer day

Beer Yoga

Beer Yoga

On International Beer Day
3rd of August 2018Beer Yoga

The 3rd of August is international Beer Day. To celebrate this wonderful day, we’ve teamed up with our Yoga instructor to create a one-off Beer Yoga class.

The class will combine yoga poses & beer drinking in just 30 minutes from 4pm on the 3rd of August.

Get a taste for one of our yoga classes while having some fun at the same time. The class is set to be something different for our regulars or a way for a newbie to try something new.

The Class

Beer Yoga will be on Friday the 3rd of August at 4pm. The class will be 30 minutes long. You’ll need to wear comfortable clothing. Kirsty will have her yoga mats but you’re welcome to bring your own if you wish.

The class is £6 per person and will include one beer on arrival. Drinks available include Peroni, Corona, Koppaberg or Gower Gold. Additional drinks are available on request.

Regular Class

Beer yoga is a one-off class. However Kirsty runs a regular 90 minute class on Monday evenings at 6pm and on Thursday Mornings at 9.30am. Find out more about our classes here. 


Booking is simple. Either contact us direct on 01994 231516, email or purchase a ticket online. 

Spaces are limited for this one-off Beer Yoga event. One it’s full, it’s full.