Extending Llety Cynin

Extending Llety Cynin

Extending Llety Cynin.

That’s right, we’re extending Llety Cynin! After years of planning and grant applications, the time has finally come. We’ve carefully identified what we need and what you as the customers need too.

Here are the plans for you to get an idea. A full copy is on display at Reception if you’d like a closer look.

Extending Llety Cynin
Extension Plans – two storey













What exactly are we doing?

The original plan was to build a conservatory from the pool hall for visitors, guests and members. This would be a relaxation space within the pool hall to read, relax and catch up with friends. We soon realised that we were outgrowing the original building and decided to build a bigger extension.

Extending Llety Cynin has been talked about a lot. The final plans include:-

  • Bigger changing facilities
  • New Gym
  • Spa with two treatment rooms and a treatment lounge.
  • Multipurpose room for bigger, better fitness classes
  • Relaxation “chill out space” from the pool hall
  • New conference room – connected to the existing one
  • 4 new bedrooms
  • Platform lift

This additional space will enable us to offer better services and facilities to our existing guests and members. New services such as spa treatments will also become available.

This is a huge project and we’re so excited to be able to do it. Extending Llety Cynin also means that we’re going to need more staff to be able to offer these wonderful services. However the team that we’re expecting any day now is the building team.

What next?

During the original building works, Elizabeth kept a photographic record of the progress. We now have these made into photobooks for our visitors to look at. So many people have seen these photographs that we’ve actually worn out several books.

Now that we’re finally extending Llety Cynin, we’ve decided to keep a blog. We intend to post regularly with updates and photographs of the progress. Hopefully you’ll be as excited as we are by the end of the project.

Will it affect my booking?

If you have an existing booking with us, don’t worry. We’ve made plans that mean the building work should cause as little disruption as possible. The extension work is going on in the garden next to the pool room. This is the opposite end to the bedrooms. There’s a trade entrance which should prevent any noise from travelling to the rooms. You will be able to see the building works but only from the pool room, conference room and from the outside.

If you have any concerns at all, please give us a call on 01994 232773 for us to discuss with you.

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