Pay It Forward Campaign

We’re looking for your help, via our “Pay It Forward” campaign, launching on the 8th of April. Rewards will be available for every pledge our wonderful customers make. These rewards can be enjoyed as soon as we’re able to re-open our business.  


Our business was closed down on the 20th of March, by the government, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Following a very emotional staff meeting, we have furloughed every member of our team. Thanks to this support from the government, none of our team members have lost their jobs.


We are confident that our business can survive this unusual time and we will continue to grow once we re-open.  By “Paying It Forward”, you’ll be giving us the cash boost we need to help us to support our team and our suppliers, when we need it the most.  Once the restrictions are over and we’re able to reopen, we will be able to welcome you back to redeem your pledges. 

We understand that asking you to “Paying It Forward” is asking you to trust that we will still be here. Thanks to the government support, we will be able to reopen. Your support will enable us to do it in a stronger position. 

We and our team are dedicated to coming back from this lock down stronger than ever. Your support now would be invaluable.

Campaign Launch

The “Pay It Forward” Campaign will launch on Wednesday the 8th of April. We have many rewards available in exchange of your pledges. Please support us as much as you can afford. 


Thank you in advance and we hope to welcome you back in the not to distant future.