The roof is on and the bedroom walls are up

Internal Bedrooms Built

The extension is developing fast!

Since our last post, the roof is on, some windows are in and the internal bedrooms have walls. Plumbers and electricians have been here the last few days discussing showers, sockets and wet rooms. There is even talk of a penthouse suite with glorious views of the countryside, which will be ideal for a relaxing night away.

It’s all starting to take shape and we’ve even started thinking about decor, which we are very excited about. Some of our staff members have been channelling their inner interior designer and coming up with lots of ideas for our new bedrooms and bathrooms. The new changing rooms have been a hot topic for the last couple of days, with lots of thought going into showers, cubicles etc.

Hopefully it won’t be long before we are choosing colour schemes!

Internal bedrooms walls taking shapeInternal bedrooms walls taking shape








Internal Bedroom windows from the gardenInternal bedrooms walls taking shape as well as the new conference beams!