First Aid Course

First Aid Course Monday 21st Of November 9:30am – 4:30pm This first aid course will cover all aspects of emergency first aid at work. The course is a one-day course. If you are interested in a longer course, please let us know. You’ll learn enough to be able to prolong life until help arrives. The

Slab, Walls and Window Spaces

Slab, Walls and Window Spaces Things are moving on so quickly, we can’t keep up! The slab is dry, there are walls going up and we can see where the windows are going! Now is where we can really see progress. The builders have been blocking now for three days and the building really is

Ready for the Readymix!

Ready for the Readymix! We’re ready for the readymix concrete after a great push this week! The ground works have been completed and today’s the day the concrete arrived. There was a 7.30am start for everyone involved. A pump was situated on the farm yard and lorry after lorry load was pumped into the site.

We Have Walls!

We Have Walls! The build is coming along so well, we have walls all ready! The concrete for the foundations finally set and before we knew it, there were blocks on site. Suddenly we’ve seen the hole in the ground take some form of shape. Our previous worries about whether we’d made the building big

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Great Big Hole in the Ground!

Great Big Hole in the Ground The Llety Cynin Extension – Week 2 The Llety Cynin extension is coming along fast! The builders are here and after a week of digging and levelling, we now have a massive hole in the ground! We’ve levelled, dug the foundations and filled them with tons of ready-mix concrete.

The First Cut

The First Cut The first cut has been made into the ground. Our garden has already been transformed and is unrecognisable. We’re expecting our team of builders to be here any day. In preparation, Dyfrig has started removing the topsoil from the lawn. The area has been marked out but there’s plenty more to be

Extending Llety Cynin

Extending Llety Cynin

Extending Llety Cynin. That’s right, we’re extending Llety Cynin! After years of planning and grant applications, the time has finally come. We’ve carefully identified what we need and what you as the customers need too. Here are the plans for you to get an idea. A full copy is on display at Reception if you’d