The First Trusses Are In!

TheĀ First Trusses Are In!

The first trusses have arrived. This makes up the roof covering the new function room.

These have taken lots of time and calculations. The building regulations and fire also had to be reviewed which has held us up for a long time. But the day has finally arrived and here they are.

This now gives us an amazing sense of the space we will have available to us. This room is going to be more than the size of our existing function room, with higher ceilings and Dorma windows with those amazing views. Our corporate clients are going to have an amazing view!

The wall of the old conference room will come down with time, to allow us to have both rooms together for larger events. The original plan was to use the existing conference room window in the extension. However it now looks too small next to the open end we currently have there. We may have to re-think that once the walls start going in!