Wizards Tea

Wizards Tea Everyday over Summer

Wizards Tea

Wizards Tea
Wizards Tea taken by Aled Llewelyn photography

As you may have already guessed… We love all things magical here at Llety Cynin! So in celebration of the summer holidays we are now serving the Wizards Tea everyday.

Every item on this menu is inspired by something we have seen in films or read in books. Some items are a fest favourite while others are inspired by plants.

Every item on our menu is hand made. Our sour lollipops are coated in a layer of Sherbert, there are white chocolate filled frogs, treacle tarts with clotted cream, miniature birthday cakes covered in strawberry fondant icing and more!

We serve the tea in our function room, which is dressed with long wooden tables under a coat of arms. Guests are welcome to come dressed in their best witch or wizards outfit. We have some spiders and hats on the tables for those who haven’t got their own costumes.

If you haven’t already tried our Wizard’s Afternoon tea, call us on 01994232773 to book your space. ┬áIf you have already been why not take a look at our Facebook page and see if you can find your photo!