Wizards Tea Stands

Wizards Tea Stands

The Wizards Tea Stands have finally arrived.

For the Roald Dahl inspired teas, the food was served on boards in the style of a chocolate bar. When we started planning for the Wizards Tea, we spent ages trying to decide how to serve the tea. Many of the ideas simply weren’t practical. One of these was to create a playing field in the style of the Quiddich pitch.

After long discussions and lots of research, we decided to try and find some sort of birdcage.

The next challenge was to try and find exactly what we were looking for. After hours and hours of scouring the internet, we found exactly what we were looking for. The problem was these were in Shanghai. It doesn’t matter where we looked or how long it took, we kept coming back to the same place.

In October, we found a company out in China who made exactly what we were looking for. We’ve faced many challenges including the language barrier, time scales, sea freight VS express flight, VAT numbers, colour swatches and time zones. However after a month of emails, ¬†manufacture and delivery time, we’ve made it!

Here’s our custom made Wizards Tea stands. What do you think? We can’t wait to have a final practice run to see them piled high with treats, created with inspiration from the Harry Potter series.

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