Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

The woodland walk starts almost as soon as you leave the building. The path will take you on a journey along the edge of the field and into the vast woodland along the river.

Along the way you will be able to spot wildlife, various plants and maybe some farm animals depending on the season. Being a four season wood ensures that there’s something new to see all of the time.

Use all of your senses along the way, listen to the birdsong and the river flowing alongside the wood. Smell the fresh air, touch the leaves and trees. See the wildlife, flowers and plants. Taste that treat in the coffee lounge when you return!

Since it opened in the autumn of 2014, we’ve already had sightings of squirrels, rabbits, geese and many bird species. I wonder what you could discover down the woods.

Donna’s Woodland Walk Experience

One dry, sunny April morning, I took the path along the woodland walk.  The bluebells were out in full force creating a sea of colour amongst the greenery. The squirrels were playing in the upper branches of the taller trees with a variety of birds flying overhead. The light trickle of the river flowing alongside the pathway complimented the gentle breeze that was blowing around me.  In the distance the cows were mooing in tune with the bees buzzing around the pollen.

Spring is certainly here, with furry animals burrowing holes at the sides of the pathway. Young ferns sprouting up all over and well established holly and ivy contrasting with the pretty little wherever the eye can see.  I walked for nearly an hour, uphill, downhill and on flat surfaces with amazing views through the trees. Very soon those trees will be full of leaves for the summer months and the view of the never-ending green leading up to the blue skies will be a spring time memory until Autumn.