Here at Llety Cynin we offer a variety of massages

Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage

This massage concentrates on the first layer of the muscles in your back. The techniques used encourage you to relax, helps to improve circulation and levels of oxygen in the blood, increases your flexibility and mobility easing muscle tension

Swedish Full Body Massage

A Swedish full body massage relaxes your entire body by using the same techniques from the back massage. This allows for complete relaxation, easing muscle tension and decreasing toxins

Deep Tissue Back, Neck And Shoulders Massage

This specific massage works all three of your muscle layers, using techniques with a stronger pressure, concentrating on built up tension, relieving the aches and pains. During the massage, the therapist can work on specific areas

Hand & Arm

The hands are some of the most overworked parts of our bodies. Look after yours with a relaxing massage to relieve the tensions

Leg massage

A full leg massage helps to relieve aches and pains, the techniques used within this massage helps to reduce tension and muscle cramping


The scalp massage relaxes the mind and encourages circulation. Scalp massage is an effective stress reducer

Holistic Massage

Hot stones back, neck and shoulders

Used to relax and ease tense muscles, flay hot stones are used to massage around the body with Swedish massage techniques

Hot stones full body

The full body experience is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, relieves muscle tension and promotes sleep


The therapist uses specific thumb and finger techniques to work pressure points in your feet, working on your organs and systems. Reflexology helps with relaxation, circulation, reducing stress and restoring natural balance

Indian head massage

Practised in India for thousands of years, the Indian Head massage works on your shoulders, neck, head and scalp. It eases headaches, promotes hair growth, improves your sleep and increases your energy levels

Specialist Massage

Oncology massage (Advanced booking only)

Oncology massage is a customised massaging using therapy techniques in order to safely work with clients who have ever received cancer treatment. Our advanced therapists who have had specialist Oncology training are able to work with clients who are in active treatment as well as clients who are in recovery

Pregnancy massage (Advanced booking only)

Our advanced therapists who have had specialised pregnancy massage training are able to work with clients during their second and third trimester of pregnancy to offer a relaxing and beneficial experience for both mum to be and baby. Indulge into one of our relaxing pregnancy packages. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards


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